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SNECI Training Catalog 2021 is now available

SNECI Training Catalog 2021 Is Now Available

In the fast-changing automotive industry, it is of utmost importance to stay up-to-date and continuously improve your or your team’s soft and hard skills. The best way to do it is by learning from field experts.

That is why SNECI has been providing industry-specific training and coaching to its clients all over the world since 2005. We constantly improve our training catalog to meet and address the new challenges in the automotive sector.

Earlier this year, we have started to conduct training online to ensure the participant’s safety. Our web sessions in English, French, Slovak, and Russian have achieved great success during the national lockdowns.

“SNECI has the most professional and powerful training programs. I have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills on how to use Quality Tools that are expected by Groupe PSA and Renault. I would recommend these training sessions for both beginners and advanced people. Thank you for your professionalism!”

Witold, Quality, Poland

Moreover, we have issued a new training on the Global MMOG/LE Standard to ensure the smooth transition of our clients to the 5th generation of the logistics evaluation tool.

Together with SIA and FIEV, we have prepared new modules on Electric Vehicle Technologies and Vehicle Automation consistent with the main modern automotive trends.

Today, we are happy to announce the release of our Training Catalog 2021 in English, French, Russian, and Chinese.

We invite you to explore the complete list and descriptions of our training modules on our website or download our PDF catalog.

Among the new modules:

With any questions on our training offers, please contact us at

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