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Qualification of a new NSA auditor in China for SNECI

Qualification Of A New NSA Auditor In China For SNECI

SNECI China auditor has been qualified by PSA to perform NSA audits, QSB+ coaching, and PCPA audits

SNECI has been performing supplier audits to enter the PSA supplier panel (NSA, New Supplier Assessment) since 2015. SNECI also supports PSA suppliers in preparing PCPA Process Qualification Audits and QSB+ (Quality System Basics Plus) certifications.

One SNECI auditor has been recently qualified in China to perform NSA audits and operational support missions for PSA suppliers in Asia.

“We continue to expand our NSA audit and operational support partnership with PSA each year. We pay special attention to the satisfaction of PSA as well as the audited suppliers, by assigning to these missions dedicated experts with a deep knowledge of quality and automotive”, sums up Mathieu Mutter, Industrial Performance Director at SNECI. “Having an NSA-certified auditor in China gives us an opportunity to perform NSA audits much more responsively not only in China but also all over Asia (India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea), where this activity is dramatically increasing”.

SNECI’s activities in Industrial Performance such as Audits, Supplier Rank-Up, Training and Project Management are rapidly developing in Asia. “To meet a significant local demand, we gathered a team of coaches and auditors with different profiles. While our coaches are more oriented towards the implementation of operational improvements, most of our auditors are VDA6.3 certified, which is crucial given the importance of German OEMs in China,” continues Mathieu Mutter.

According to Stanislas Bailly, Managing Director at SNECI, “Asia is the world’s largest automotive region. So, it was natural for SNECI to invest in the region in order to have sufficient resources for not only our audit activities but also suppliers’ rank-up services, much like we have already done in Europe, Africa, & the Middle East.”

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