Quality Tools & Standards - QTS09 - Inter/Intra
The training will enable you to carry out multi-level audits and to optimize your standards. Multi-level audit and LPA purpose is to verify, through various levels of the company, the proper application of the standards to ensure that procedures, work instructions, inspection plans, packaging lines, 5S rules and error prevention systems are in place, known and respected.
1 day All SNECI premises

    Training content

    1. Introduction

    2. Principles and definitions

    3. Process of the standard creation

    • Difficulties
    • Specificities

    4. Practical implementation

    5. LPA

    6. Standard Optimization


    The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training through a quiz. This test is self-corrected with the participants and the trainer.

    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    From an exercise, you will understand the interest of working with standards, the role of the various contributors, the process of creating a standard associated with its LPA.

    Intended audience

    • Operator
    • Team Leader
    • Supervisor
    • Process Engineering, Quality Department
    • Management

    Objectives and results

    • Understand the requirements of the objective contract and integrate them into the standards
    • Know how to create a standard
    • Know how to conduct an LPA
    • Know how to optimize a standard compared to the existing one


    Experience in the automotive industry.

    Your trainer

    This training is conducted by a quality expert with many years of experience in automotive.

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