LPA – Layered Process Audit

Quality Tools & Standards - QTS09 - Inter/Intra

Verification of Standard Compliance (VRS) by multilevel audits.

LPA or job observations, depending on the company culture, are approaches that closely associate the operational management of organizations with the requirements of process monitoring.

On the one hand, they reinforce the bidirectional managerial relationship between managers and their employees, and on the other hand, they aim to make each line of authority responsible on its own perimeter for the respect of standards and thus on its own quality performance vis-à-vis of the clients.

This training will enable you to implement a structured organization of LPA (post observation / multilevel audits) at all hierarchical levels by integrating it into the daily management of the workstations up to the top management level.

This training is certified by FIEV.

1 day All SNECI premises

    Training content

    1. Introduction

    2. Principles and definitions

    3. Gains brought be LPA

    4. Understand standardization at workstations

    5. Deployment od LPA by phases

    6. Practical implementation

    7. Monitoring and management

    8. Variations od the principles of LPA according to company cultures

    9. Conclusion


    The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training through a quiz. This test is self-corrected with the participants and the trainer.

    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    From the exercises, you will understand the reason of working with standards, the role of different actors, the process of creating a standard, the implementation and management of LPA.

    Intended audience

    • Team Leader
    • Supervisor
    • Department Leader
    • Member od Management Committees
    • Quality department

    Objectives and results

    • Understand and apply the best principles of creating and managing standards at workstations
    • Know how to organize and deploy LPA progressively (post observation / multi-level audits) to increase compliance with standards
    • Pilot and animate LPA using indicators


    Experience in field management in the automotive industry

    Your trainer

    This training is conducted by a quality expert with many years of experience in automotive.

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