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We provide cost-efficient, agile expertise in Industrial Performance & Commercial Development Internationally


with unique dual commercial & technical expertise

Our Success Stories

Trading & Procurement Process At SNECI
Trading & Procurement Process At SNECI
Procurement Process Example
SNECI has successfully combined Logistic Support with Suppliers Quality management including administrative and accounting services. Find out more now!
Exemple De Processus D’approvisionnement
Exemple De Processus D’approvisionnement
SNECI a combiné avec succès la Logistique et la Gestion de Qualité des fournisseurs, y compris les services administratifs et comptables. En savoir plus !

Interview with Isabelle Bailly

In the framework of its series “Companies of the Year” the French journals “Manager” and “Capital” have interviewed Isabelle Bailly, Chairman of SNECI, to get more insights about activities SNECI provides to the automotive industry.

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