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This training course provides a systematic implementation to ISO 26262 and its practical application. If there are still gaps in your understanding of functional safety, ISO 26262 or maturity models, this course provides you with a complete overview and you will be in a position to complete tasks in keeping with standard requirements and common industrial practice.

This training is conducted in partnership with Kugler Maag.

2 days

    Content of training:

    1. The structure of the ISO 26262 standard – understanding how it works and what matters most

    2. Understanding how to approach projects on an organizational and project level in order to manage product liability risks

    3. Understanding the tasks and responsibilities of a safety manager

    4. Understanding phases of the safety life cycle, including activities and work products

    5. Planning work, controls and monitoring

    6. How to design processes in order to meet the requirements of ISO 26262 and relevant reference models

    7. An overview of the requirements of ISO 26262 with a bearing on architecture, particularly related to systems, hardware and software development

    8. Knowing how to manage collaboration with customers and suppliers when it comes to functional safety

    9. Preparing for a functional safety assessment

    Intended audience

    People responsible for projects, decision-makers and safety officers

    • Who require a comprehensive insight into risk scenarios and defense strategies in dealing with internal risks
    • Who will be responsible for security tasks at the company in the future

    Objectives and results

    ISO 26262 is the internationally valid point of reference for developing safety-relevant, electronic components and systems for use in automobiles.

    Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers must be in a position to prove to their customers and the authorities that their electronic systems are safe and reliable, and that they perform the required functions, despite rising levels of complexity and software definition.


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    • 16/10/2023

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