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Graduate engineers have a future in the automotive sector

La Jaune et La Rouge Polytechnique - SNECI
















Young graduates from the Ecole Polytechnique should be encouraged to join the automotive industry”, declares Stanislas Bailly, Director of Operations and Managing Director SNECI Asia, in the August-September issue of the school’s magazine “La Jaune et la Rouge”. Based on his own experience, Bailly describes the many assets of a sector of excellence that anticipates the technological, social, environmental, and economic evolutions of tomorrow’s world and offers graduate engineers exciting career opportunities in France and worldwide.

The automotive industry is among the most internationalized sectors, with projects being carried out on a global basis” stresses Stanislas Bailly, adding that the average age of a car buyer in China is 34 vs. 55 in France. Consumers’ expectations in terms of mobility and the arrival of new market players such as Google, Apple, or Uber bring carmakers and component suppliers to rethink the design of vehicles, thus paving the way for new jobs and numerous career opportunities.

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