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SNECI MEA and Maroc PME support Moroccan automotive SME

SNECI MEA And Maroc PME Support Moroccan Automotive SME

Maroc PME®, National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, has been supporting SMEs in their modernization processes and competitiveness improvements since its creation in 2002.

A growth accelerator for manufacturers, Maroc PME has recently reorganized and simplified some of its programs.

The new “Mouwakaba” program, for which SNECI is a referenced service provider, combines five old programs (Moussanada, Acceleration JEI, Tahfiz, Creativity TPE, Creativity SME).

Among other benefits, the new program will refund up to 80% (compared to 70% previously) of the costs related to the technical assistance for SMEs and 90% for VSEs (Very Small Enterprises). It will also increase the upper limit of funds dedicated to creativity and co-development projects for VSE to 2 million Moroccan dirhams instead of 1 million.

Moreover, to support the economic recovery following the COVID-19 health crisis, Maroc PME has launched a new offer. Now, SMEs can benefit from an 80% refund of the costs related to the assistance provided by experts specialized in the development and deployment of business continuity and recovery plans. SNECI is referenced by Maroc PME as such an expert for automotive companies.

This offer targets six different fields of industrial assistance, including:

  1. Preparation of Crisis Management Plan and Recovery Plan,
  2. Liquidity and financing management,
  3. Support of HR managers,
  4. Securitization and development of sales,
  5. Optimization of production and supply chain,
  6. Digital transformation.

Interested companies can complete the online application form.

SNECI is registered by Maroc PME as a consultant in the field of “Optimization of production and Supply Chain”. We offer help in the following areas:

  • Optimization of the supply chain in the context of COVID-19
  • Reorganization of production processes
  • Implementation of “LEAN” operational efficiency approach

SNECI has been a key player in the automotive industry for more than 60 years. We assist many suppliers’ plants in assessing, training, coaching, and managing their industrial performance projects. 

We are especially strong in Morocco, where our Regional Director, Sara El Ghali, and her team cover a full range of services to help you in these difficult times.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the new support programs of Maroc PME and services offered by SNECI!

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