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A look back at the SNECI-FIEV partnership and updates on training and coaching.

A Look Back At The SNECI-FIEV Partnership And Updates On Training And Coaching.

SNECI has been a member of FIEV for many years. As a full member, SNECI and FIEV developed a partnership in 2019 with the aim of offering FIEV accredited training courses to professionals worldwide through SNECI expertise.

What is FIEV? FIEV is the world-renowned “Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries”, a union of automotive suppliers, garage equipment manufacturers and automotive solution providers since 1910. It is a professional organization that is committed to automotive equipment manufacturers in France and internationally.

Chaired by Jean François Le Bos, it is committed to actively represent all its member companies in front of the public authorities as well as the customers, in particular by promoting the image of equipment manufacturers at international trade fairs (such as EQUIP AUTO, Mondial de l’Automobile, Salon du Cycle, etc.).

Its actions are numerous. The FIEV ensures that the automotive sector can meet the challenges of the future for the industry, it promotes the eco-responsible commitment of the players in the automotive sector, and finally, it promotes industrial performance through international innovation.

In its vision of the automotive industry of tomorrow, the FIEV attaches importance not only to green mobility, but also to the diversity of the sector. For example, by supporting the association “Elles bougent” with a partnership whose objective is to accompany women in their choice of orientation towards scientific training in order to open up career opportunities in the automotive sector.

The international dimension of the FIEV can be explained not only by this desire to accompany professionals at a global level but also by its history with CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) of which it is a founding member. The association represents thousands of companies and invests several billion euros in R&I each year in order to offer and promote relevant and sustainable solutions for the automotive sector.

Since 2009, the FIEV has been actively contributing with the PFA (Plateforme de la Filière Automobile et Mobilités) to improving the overall competitiveness of the French automotive industry.

With this same objective in mind, SNECI has decided to set up a training partnership accredited by the FIEV. The training courses provided by our experts are the following:

This training gives the definitions of the different phases needed to manage efficiently a project. It will allow you to understand the different phases of development, to know the OEM requirements and to ensure the effective management of your projects.

Aims at making you acquire the fundamentals of the IATF 16949 standard in order to implement them in your automotive quality certification project.

Allows participants to acquire the fundamentals of the APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MSA, SPC manuals in order to implement them in your internal automotive project management or at your suppliers.

Allows participants to understand the APQP/PPAP methodology and its application for managing quality for an automotive project. Participants will assimilate the APQP/PPAP approach linked to project management in order to deploy it.


Being capable to make a Process FMEA, it will help you to better prepare your FMEA, by building a multidisciplinary team working on reliable input data in order to be able to lead working groups for the implementation of your FMEA.


Developing a knowledge of problem solving methods through the 8D/QRQC method & process and to put them into practice through exercises. It will allow you to lead or participate in problem solving groups.

Verification of Standard Compliance (VRS) by multilevel audits. Enable you to implement a structured organization of LPA (post observation / multilevel audits) at all hierarchical levels by integrating it into the daily management of the workstations up to the top management level.


Aims at discovering the technological world of the electric vehicle, to know the evolution of the services, to analyze its architecture, to discover the description and the functioning of the main organs of the detailed vehicle.

To discover the technological world of the electric vehicle, to know the evolution of the services, to analyse its architecture, to discover the description and the functioning of the main organs of the detailed vehicle.

As you can see, SNECI offers numerous FIEV accredited training courses throughout the world, which represents a guarantee of quality both in terms of the content of our training courses and their global reach.

In addition to the various modules offered through this partnership, a 5% discount is granted to each FFIEV (SFEPA) member on the entire catalogue, therefore do not hesitate to contact us in order to benefit from one of our training courses.

Of course, there are many other training courses available within SNECI on topics ranging from automotive fundamentals to quality tools, purchasing, without forgetting automotive fundamentals or production and Lean manufacturing….

Here are some examples:

Practical oriented training session offers our trainees tools for strategic analysis, presentation of B2B automotive customer portal, an overview of the different types and expectations of audits performed by clients. Real examples, summary tests and involving in case studies will enable your people to understand the market and the requirements of the automotive sector.

FIEV 2.0 Audit preparation training aims to introduce the FIEV 2.0 Standard. It will give you input and key success factors for audit preparation for self-assessment, for internal audits and before official audits.

The RSA B2B portal tools training provides overview of most important tools used for managing claims, project and provide information about supplier performance. Training is updated at the last changes implemented in 2018.

This training is addressed to suppliers or potential suppliers of Stellantis Group that are interested in using all the logistics applications of the Stellantis B2B Portal.

With more than 450 people working for clients in 45 countries, SNECI has a dual global expertise with a complete range of services: Industrial Performance and Business Development

Our first area of expertise is “Business Development”, providing services ranging from strategy, market research, support in finding partnerships (mergers and acquisitions)…

Our second area of expertise in “Industrial Performance Improvement” is based on project management, training and coaching, quality control, purchasing and logistics optimization, etc.

All our services are tailor-made to our clients, allowing us to be more agile and responsive. Our network of experts is worldwide, which ensures a systematic local approach to guarantee the results expected by our clients.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise, do not hesitate to contact us, our teams around the world will support you in your business development as well as in the improvement of your industrial performance.

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