Stellantis APQP/PPAP harmonized requirements – Transition ex-PSA v2015 to v2022

Customer Specific Requirements – CSR - CSR01-M2 - Inter/Intra
STELLANTIS has defined and adapted the APQP and PPAP processes to manage the quality of its suppliers throughout development and mass production phases. New APQP PPAP STELLANTIS v2022 is based on the merging of ex-PSA and ex-FCA standards. Training qualification is mandatory for STELLANTIS suppliers’ Project Managers and Quality Managers assigned to a vehicle project applying the new STELLANTIS standards If you have been previously trained to the APQP PPAP STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) v2015, this training will bring you up to date on the new standards of STELLANTIS Group following the merging of ex-PSA and ex-FCA standards. Training accredited by Stellantis.
1 day All SNECI premises


    1. Transition with e-learning

    2. APQP PPAP Scheduling

    3. APQP Grid

    4. Phase 1 – new requirements

    5. Phase 2 – new requirements

    6. Phase 3 – new requirements

    7. Phase 4 – new requirements

    8. Phase 5 – new requirements

    9. Review of Change Management during mass production.

    10. Guided tour of APQP IT applications: PLM and AUROS.

    11. Conclusion and training evaluation

    12. Training evaluation.


    The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training by a MCQ test (15 questions) in 25 min + case studies (60min): 60% of correct answers required to be APQP/PPAP certified under the Stellantis AQF

    The participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Methodology of the training

    The training is based on the supplier relationship management structure of the Stellantis Group, and allows the participants to detail the use of the tools specific to the manufacturer.

    It is based on practical exercises, case studies and experience sharing between participants.

    Intended audience

    This training is recommended for participants have been previously trained to the APQP PPAP STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) v2015.

    Objectives and results

    • Know requirements and particularities of the APQP PPAP STELLANTIS version 2022.
    • Understand the rating rules of the Deliverables in APQP Grid.
    • Know roles & responsibilities between the suppliers and STLA, and among STLA Teams.
    • Get an introduction about APQP IT Applications (PLM, CQMS-AUROS).
    • Build your action plan to implement STELLANTIS requirements.
    • Pass APQP PPAP STELLANTIS training certificate.


    Provide your certificate of qualification to APQP PPAP STELLANTIS (ex-PSA) v2015

    Your trainer

    The training is conducted by a project management specialist certified by Stellantis.

    Training dates

    • 12/10/2023

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