Customer Specific Requirements – CSR - CSR06 - Inter/Intra
The training Stellantis B2B portal as a part of SQA will provide you an overview of most important tools and methods used for managing of projects, quality assurance, logistics topics as well as the information about evaluation of supplier´s performance.
1 day All SNECI premises

    Training content

    1. B2B portal presentation (Structure and access)

    2. Stellantis applications

    3. Stellantis documents: MQF, MLP, RIF, PROLOG

    4. AM@DEUS – Quality and Logistics (Support of anomalies and supply defaults)

    5. NEO logistics

    6. SPOT – Supplier Performance

    7. ESQAL – Supplier reporting

    8. PCAT – capacity study

    9. GP12- Quality Wall (Standards, implementation, criteria)

    10. Quality at new 0 km and warranty (return management)

    11. Management of modifications and transfers (BTAP procedure)

    12. Quiz and Assessment


    The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training through a quiz. This test is self-corrected with the participants and the trainer.

    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    Lecture, exercises.

    The training will allow you to understand of Stellantis B2B Tools and Methods.

    Training is based on a theory and practical examples. During the training participants complete exercises and quiz to validate the knowledge acquired.

    Training  manual and specific support is provided to trainees.

    Intended audience

    • Customer Quality Engineers / Manager
    • Project Engineers / Manager
    • Quality Managers
    • Quality System Specialists
    • Warranty Specialists
    • Key Account Managers

    Objectives and results

    • Training is to provide an understanding of Stellantis B2B Portal
    • Structure of B2B portal,
    • Applications for Quality and Logistics
    • Main Stellantis Groupe requirements on suppliers


    • Experience in the automotive industry.
    • Access to Stellantis B2B portal.

    Your trainer

    Training is conducted by trainers that have theoretical and practical knowledge of Stellantis B2B portal (Tools and Methods) from Quality and Logistics point of view.

    Training dates

    • 30/10/2023
    • 03/11/2023
    • 12/12/2023

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