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Powertrain Exterior

  • SNECI Client: German “Mittelstand” supplier
  • Customer of parts: European Automotive OEM
  • Parts: Motorization of sliding door
Motorization of sliding door

SNECI Activities

  • Preparation of specifications with OEM before RFQ reception
  • Organization of OEM technical team visit of SNECI client site
  • During RFQ phase
  • Organization of and participation to meeting with OEM Purchasing Director to explain supplier roadmap
  • Organization of meeting with OEM Project director to agree on upfront R&D participation
  • Support in definition of best European Tier 2 supplier in electronics in accordance with long-term industrial strategy
  • Training of supplier in OEM project management and logistics methodologies


  • Nomination for series project: Total sales of 55 M€ over lifetime and potential for one additional vehicle
  • Investment targets of OEM achieved by using 40% carry over parts
  • 30% OEM upfront participation in R&D costs

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