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Purchasing Purchasing

  • Client SNECI Purchasing Services : French OEM
  • SNECI Research for : Supplier in Eastern & Central Europe
  • Parts : Forged parts
Forged parts

SNECI Activities

  • Identification of 51 suppliers within the CEE (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Serbia)
  • Elaboration of first list of potential suppliers
  • Distribution of RFI / RFQ package to 20 selected suppliers
  • Analysis of RFI and RFQ answers
  • Supplier by supplier RFI analysis report
  • Supplier by supplier consolidated synthesis
  • Supplier comparison
  • Visit of 8 selected suppliers for a one day pre-assessment by a genuine expert of the product
  • Progress report and recommendations


  • Out of 2 recommended suppliers at the end of the process 1 was selected by the OEM.
  • Mission lead-time: 3 months

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