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Supply Chain Supply Chain

  • Client SNECI Supply Chain Services : South Korean automotive supplier plant
  • Customer of parts : French Automotive OEM assembly plant
  • Parts : Water Pump
Water Pumps

SNECI Activities

  • Provision of full turnkey supply chain solution from Asian supplier to European OEM
  • Design and negotiation of most cost-efficient supply chain
  • Daily management of 5 references
  • Sea freight booking and tracking
  • Storage and daily stock follow up in bonded warehouse
  • Repacking services and quality management
  • Preparation according to JIT orders
  • Management of transportation in Europe from harbor to warehouse and delivery to automotive OEM site
  • Management of all administrative issues: customs clearance, tax issues, invoicing in supplier’s name
  • Management of EDI and automotive OEM B2B portal


  • 12 Mio. parts per year delivered with 100% service rate and 0 ppm
  • 16 Supplier non-conformity issues managed within 24 hours
  • Optimization of costs and expenses for automotive supplier and OEM as all administration and communication passes through SNECI

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