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Quality Representative in Supplier Plants to Secure Conformity of Parts

  • Client of SNECI Audit & Quality Services : Railway Industry Supplier, Italy, Poland
  • Customer of parts : Train Manufacturer
  • Parts : Passenger Seats for Trains
  • Mission : Improvement of appearance quality of parts during mass production
Passenger Seats for Trains

SNECI Activities

  • Analysis of defects’ typology of parts produced and inventory
  • Checking of processes applied at Tier 2 supplier (Italy), as well as at SNEIC client
  • Elaboration of action plan listing issues, their causes, and actions to be implemented to eradicate defects
  • Steering of weekly reviews with Tier 2 supplier’s and SNECI client’s teams to ensure follow-up of action plan
  • Supervision of production transfer from Italy to Poland


  • No more defects on purchased products from Tier 2 and systems validated
  • Authorization of production transfer to Poland by customer
  • Regain of customer’s confidence towards SNECI client
  • Satisfaction of customer and SNECI client

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