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I am Jose Roberto, CEO of DHB. DHB is a Brazilian supplier of steering systems, primarily in South America.

In 2010, we began our partnership with SNECI to develop new projects with the Renault group in order to increase our sales in steering systems, as we were not yet a Renault supplier for steering gears.

SNECI brought us great support in France, with a presence and regular contact with the key actors and decision makers.

After one year with SNECI, we managed not only to enter the Renault panel for this product, but we have also been awarded for two new orders!

I can say that SNECI has worked extremely hard during this period, has given us great support and has a highly qualified team committed to achieving results.
I can also say that SNECI works in complete transparency, and we have built a partnership that allows us to work in mutual trust.

We are very satisfied working together and wish to continue to grow our partnership with SNECI.

Jose-Roberto Silveira
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