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Back To SNECI’s Webinar For ANFIA Members In June 2021

A few months ago, SNECI signed a partnership with ANFIA in order to help Italian automotive professionals penetrate the French market.

How? Founded in 1912, ANFIA, (National Association of the Italian Automotive Industry Supply Chain), is one of the key players in supporting automotive professionals in Italy. Its objective is to ensure the communication and interests of its members in the automotive sector among public and private institutions, both at the national and international level.

ANFIA has more than 350 members and offers various services: from management to the resolution of technical, economic, fiscal, legislative, statistical and quality problems in the automotive sector. Its members include automobile manufacturers, vehicle engineering, design companies, suppliers of automotive components, manufacturers of engines and specific equipment of the automotive sector.

ANFIA is a well-known strategic actor in the Italian automotive industry, which allows ANFIA to offer a wide range of services to its members.

ANFIA and SNECI have been partners since April 2021. One of the goals of this partnership consists in providing training to equipment manufacturers, allowing them to approach and offer their services to car manufacturers as well as to penetrate the French market.

Last April, two training sessions were provided by SNECI automotive experts to ANFIA members on these topics:

– QIP Stellantis Standards: NSA, PCPA, QSB+ Audits Preparation

This training “QIP PSA Standards: NSA, PCPA, QSB + Audit Preparation (CSR05)” aims at understanding the concepts and process of a QIP Stellantis Audit and to be able to build a QIP Audit.

Four axes were developed during that session:

  • QIP: Quality Industrial Performance
  • NSA: New Supplier Assessment
  • PCPA: Process Control Plan Audit
  • QSB+ Audit: Quality Supplier Basic

– Stellantis B2B Portal Logistics Tools

The second training, “Stellantis B2B Portal Logistic Tools” allows professionals to know, understand and master the logistics tools of the Stellantis Portal in order for the teams to effectively evaluate logistics procedures. The main logistics documents are MLP, RIF, PROLOG.

Thanks to this recent partnership and the success of these two training sessions given in April 2021 to 80 ANFIA members, Hervé CHAMPION (VP Business Development and Strategy & Market Study at SNECI) led an online conference, on June 21, 2021, presenting SNECI’s expertise through two practical cases: STELLANTIS and RENAULT NISSAN MITSUBISHI.

SNECI has nearly 70 years of expertise in Business Development and improvement of Industrial Performance through:

  • A frugal managerial structure in a stable family environment
  • Local experts for better flexibility and responsiveness
  • Technical experts with field experience in France and abroad, allowing both local and global vision
  • A pool of technical experts in order to reduce costs and an adaptability in order to achieve the requested results from customers

During this webinar, SNECI chose to explain through two practical cases, how to concretely be able to approach, collaborate and integrate one of these two French manufacturers: STELLANTIS and RENAULT NISSAN MITSUBISHI.

The webinar was structured around 5 main points of SNECI’s expertise:

–           Commercial Support

This first part includes the identification of the actors and their needs, the organization of introduction meetings with the manufacturers by highlighting the competitive advantages and the industrial strategy, consulting support for communication and the commercial negotiation on a day-to-day basis.

–           Monitoring of Management Projects

SNECI supports suppliers to respect the previously defined development process. We improve day-to-day communication between the engineering teams of car manufacturers and suppliers, thanks to the linguistic skills and interculturality of our teams. This also includes the handling of administrative files as well as those related to the approval of products.

–           Technical Support

We help our customers understand better the technical documentation. Since each manufacturer has its own standards and specificities, we ensure that the entire production process complies with the manufacturer’s requirements.

–           Production Monitoring

We provide quality and logistical support as close as possible to manufacturers’ factories thanks to our global presence.

–           Results

All these steps end with a daily and monthly review of the effectiveness of the partnership.

This webinar ended by mentioning SNECI’s success with various international partners who trusted us: in Italy (PROMA, GMB and TUBIFICIO DI TERNI), in Brazil (FUPRESA), in Uruguay (ZENDA), Chine (Gensen), Israël (IRP) and even in Korea (MOBIS).

In short, here is how SNECI supports equipment manufacturers and suppliers to integrate French car manufacturers:

  • Set up the right sales and project organization with a local support in France and sufficient knowledge of the specific requirements of STELLANTIS and RENAULT NISSAN MITSUBISHI
  • Begin with a market research to optimize costs and gain time for future business development activities (to learn more about technology and price levels, competition and market size).
  • Introduce and present the profile of your company at the Purchasing department, thus making it possible to obtain the first Requests For Information (RFI).
  • Prepare carefully your company’s profile and highlight your strengths such as low production costs, innovation or your relationships with other car manufacturers.
  • Learn more about STELLANTIS’ and RENAULT NISSAN MITSUBISHI’s rules (how to respond to RFQs, how to manage their B2B portals, etc.).
  • Register your company on the B2B STELLANTIS’ and RENAULT NISSAN MITSUBISHI’s portals.
  • Pass specific audits (NSA for STELLANTIS, ASES for Renault).

If you would like to discover more our expertise to collaborate with French Car manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us. Our teams around the world will support you both in your Commercial Development and in improving your Industrial Performance.

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