Renault RGPQP project management

Customer Specific Requirements – CSR - CSR02 - Inter/Intra
This training allows potential suppliers or current suppliers of the Renault Group to understand the Renault project development methodology (RGPQP). To know better the purchasing & quality tools and to implement them to turn their Renault projects into success. Training accredited by Renault.
2 days All SNECI premises

    Training content

    1. Introductions & Objectives
    2. General Outline of Project Management/RGPQP
    3. RGPQP structure
    4. Using RGPQP
    5. RGPQP Categories details 1,2,3,4
    6. RGPQP Categories details 5 to 11
    7. How to work with Renault Group
    8. E-RGPQP portal
    9. Expectation review
    10. Exam (MCQ)


    • The acquired knowledge is evaluated and validated at the end of the training through a quizz.
    • The participants will receive a certificate of qualification.

    Training methodology

    • RENAULT is responsible for the design of this training program.
    • The teaching method is based on sub-group activities including exercises directly linked to the activities and associated deliverables

    This training is available face-to-face or distance learning.


    • Training materials are available in English.
    • Participant’s file containing the presentations delivered during the training and the exercise materials.

    Intended audience

    • Renault project team members
    • Industrialization engineers
    • Production managers
    • Logistics managers
    • Sales managers
    • IATF 16949 system auditors

    Objectives and results

    • Know all the requirements and particularities of RGPQP RENAULT, including: activities to be carried out, associated deliverables, timing, and submission rules.
    • Understand who the Renault contacts are.
    • Know the principle of deliverable judgments (K0, K10, K50)
    • Discover the Supplier Portal and the principles of Renault’s e-RGPQP application.
    • Understand RGPQP project milestones to schedule the activities to be carried out.


    • Initial experience of product and process development projects
    • Knowledge of the main Quality tools

    Your trainer

    The training is conducted by a project management specialist with several years of experience in the automotive industry.

    Training dates

    • 24/01/2024
    • 13/03/2024

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